Realistic Global: SERVER STARTED!
11 July 2019 (04:18) -
Client V2 released for download.
05 July 2019 (10:13) -
Character auction system working on Newera.
03 July 2019 (08:41) -
Server started.

  12 Jul 2019 - Client V2


In order to continue playing on Newera download the new client:

Remember that the old client cannot access this world anymore.

posted by Rafael

  05 Jul 2019 - Changelog #3


The character auction system is working, you can buy and sell your characters using Realistic Points

You can see the offers here. For sell you have to visit account manager and choose the option on character edition menu.

We also modified experience rate of level 60+ to 1X. The reason is to do a little break in power leveling and keep low rate features.


posted by Rafael

  03 Jul 2019 - Changelog #2


We have done a good start and some things were fixed:

  1. Pagseguro now is automatic;
  2. The spells seller NPC's were fixed (some errors while downgrading from 7.72 to 7.4);
  3. The first day bonus rates were decreased;
  4. Some tasks were fixed, like Trolls and Skeletons;
  5. The automatic banishment for killing is fixed.

We will keep working, all Gamemaste support is beeing done at our Discord.


posted by Rafael

  02 Jul 2019 - Client


posted by Rafael

  02 Jul 2019 - Changelog #1

Hello everybody,

Here are some "few" changes that we did from the old world Ancestra for adapt Newera rates and gameplay. Is very important that you read this article before start playing:

  1. Added around 40 new respawns and remaps, quests, items and new monsters;
  2. Only 3 connections will be allowed per IP, more than this will cause 7 days banishment of account;
  3. New client layout and new client functions, like a shortcut (CRTL + F) for enable and disable AWSD walking (ESC does not enable keyboard anymore);
  4. All spells will need to be buyed, and everything is up to date with 7.4 Magic Levels spells;
  5. Added spells menu in Realistic website;
  6. Experience Boost is out for Newera World. Insted this, Rashid Scroll was added;
  7. Shop items suffered a slight decrease in regeneration to be compatible with the low rates;
  8. Loot and rates will be doubled at the first day;
  9. Only one Djin access will be allowed per character;
  10. Dice added as task reward;
  11. New task system with limit of tasks;
  12. Dworc's bamboo now can be broken with weapons;
  13. Added new skinning system for outfit addon's quest;
  14. Losing Premium Time takes house kick;
  15. Druid's Poison Storm magic now deals direct poison damage, 40% weaker compared to Sorcerer's Ultimate Explosion;
  16. Disintegrate rune working properly;
  17. Boat travels now send you to random SQM's, avoiding boat traps;
  18. The function "bring me to" can only be used when NPC is busy;
  19. The edge of grass floor in relation to the sea is perfectly equal 7.4 version;
  20. Ultimate Explosion, Poison Storm and Great Fireball Rune reduces damage to the next player by 5% up to a total of 40% reduction, avoiding mass PVP and favoring skillshot in direct runes such as Sudden Death Runes;
  21. By casting runemaking spells player will get simple PZ, to avoid autologout;
  22. The bed's regen is increased;
  23. The Ice Rapier plus Exori combo is working properly;
  24. The Burning Bow is working perfectly, differentiating player from monsters.

Remember that ALL SUPPORT will be done by our Discord.

More changes will come, we are exicted waiting for you at 20:00 BRT.

Yours, Rafael.

posted by Rafael

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